Clients' Voice

“Not only were the foods super delicious!”

I really enjoyed all the classes! Not only were the foods super delicious, but the PDF recipes that Kummy shared were very clear and gave me inspiration. The best part was that all the recipes could be made with simple ingredients and easy steps.


“I am very happy to learn”

I am very happy to learn recipes that I'd like to make on and on again with easy-to-get ingredients!


“Everything was super delicious,beyond my imagination!”

Everything was super delicious. Even the ingredients were things I can get easily at my local supermarket, the outcome was outstanding, beyond my imagination! The most special part about Kummy's recipes is it's something you won't be able to find anywhere else. Also, since all the participants were passionate about cooking, I enjoyed communicating with other members during the live performance, and also I enjoyed communicating with other membersduring the live performance, and also got the chance to glance other people's dining in the private Facebook group.Kummy's session is very exciting and fun to join.


“You can join at your own pace,
and can join no matter where you are”

The best thing about online cooking class is that you can join at your own pace, and can join no matter where you are. Not only do you get the recipes, but you also get to enjoy cooking with other participants and share your own creation and comment eachother in the personal Facebook group.


“ I enjoyed participating in the exciting concept”

I enjoyed participating in the exciting concept - take you on an around-the-world-trip with amazing foods. Thanks to Kummy for the easy-to-understand explanation/instruction. I was able to experience a sense of self-affirmation that I can also cook amazing foods!. What a healing effect it had on me!


“Online class is full of advantages!😊”

・ You learn everything without having to commute. Quick and easy!
・ You learn proactively since you prepare and cook everything by yourself unlike in-person cooking class where you work with other people
・ You can eat and enjoy the foods later with your family!
・ I was able to participate at my own convenience in my lovely kitchen at home
​If you follow Kummy's instruction, you will definitely be able to make a stylish and delicious dish!


“Everything is so delicious!”

Kummy's recipes captures the characteristics of each dishes very well (soup stock, spices, etc.), and more than anything, everything is so delicious!The unique variation of her recipes have dramatically expanded the variety of foods that I make at home. It made me feel as if I really went on an around the world trip! Thanks Kummy!