Online lesson

At Kummy's Global Kitchen, I teach you how to cook
"Easy, Surprising, AND Delicious"
Japanese cuisines that will WOW! your guests, your family and your loved ones.
In my LIVE and fully interactive class, you will learn the tips, tricks and the secrets needed to prepare amazing Japanese home cooking in your own kitchen. I will instruct on various easy-to-master techniques, for veggie sushi, Japanese home food, and pub food, so you can start making everything at home!

I'm happy to customize / tailor make the lessons upon your requests.

  • A fully interactive cooking class
  • Accompany you throughout the entire process
  • All sessions are recorded and can be watched at your own convenience, as many times as you like!
  • Ask as many questions as you want!

Just let me know your request here and we can start talking!