World Food Artist

Hello! I'm Kummy!

I'm a Food & Flower Designer, born in Japan, raised in the UK, China, and Taiwan.

With an international upbringing and a cooking teacher as a mother, I experienced the joy of recipes from different countries right from when I was very small.

That was the inspiration for my cooking class concept:

"I take you on an around-the-world trip with amazing foods from all over the world".

Being a mother of two, at Kummy’s Global Kitchen, I introduce home foods that mothers around the world would make for their loving family, as well as the most exquisite dishes that I met through my cooking journey. I’ve arranged them in a way you can easily enjoy in your everyday dining.

Now, I’m on a mission to spread the wonderful food and culture of my home country, Japan. Not only do I offer traditional homemade Japanese cooking classes, but also unique classes with intriguing twists of modern, anti-aging, or vegan dishes, such as vegetarian sushi for special occasions.

My online classes too are already going global - I have clients joining from Paris to Seoul, San Francisco to Delhi, and I’m looking forward to welcoming even more participants as we continue our cooking trips around the world!

Would you like to join us?